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IPL Hair Removal Equipment

Features of IPL Hair Removal Equipment:
1. The safety and reliability of the IPL skin hair removal technology has been proved by over 10 years' clinical studies.
2. Adopt advanced multi-functional IPL handpiece, with a space-saving design.
3. A variety of special filters: 560, 640, 695, 755nm etc.
4. Sapphire cooling head is used to increase the comfort of clients and improve the lasting ability of light guide.
5. Ergonomic design, being labor saving and easy to operate
6. Enormous functions, affordable price

Applications of IPL Hair Removal Equipment:
1. Treatment of skin photoaging: remove wrinkles, tiny veins and acne, bringing excellent skin rejuvenation effect.
2. Treatment of benign pigmented lesions, such as flecks, pigment spots, freckles etc.
3. Treatment of benign vascular lesions: flush, telangiectasia, spider nevus etc.
4. Removing unwanted body hair

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