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HF-L02 LED Light Therapy Machine

1. As the photodynamic principle, the light from the HF-L02 LED light therapy machine, will converte into cellular energy after absorbed by skin. Therefore, the skin will metabolize faster and be more bouncy with activated deep ceels.
2. With multi wavelengths of light (colors blue, green, red ), the LED light beasuty machine can improve microcirculation, rearrange collagen and elastic fibers, provent and eliminate melanin, accelerate the cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fibrous tissues to produce collagen to make skin young and shiny.
3. Multi-functions. The LED light therapy machine can improve oily and yellowish skins, remove acnes, remedy cellulite and focal fats.

Treatment Range
1. The LED light therapy machine can remove wrinkles, expression lines and pigments.
2. It is recommended for skin rejuvenation and whitening.
3. This machine can mitigate burn skin.
4. It can be used for Lymphatic drainage and edema elimination.
5. This equipment improves oily skin and prevent acnes.
6. It's also useful for cellulite treatment, body shaping, and teeth whitening.

Technical Parameters
LED Dominant Wavelength: RED: 625nm/GREEN: 530nm/BLUE: 470nm
Maximum Output: RED: 200W /GREEN: 200W/BLUE: 200W
Cooling Method: Air Cooling
Control mode: 7'' LCD Color Touch Screen
Input Power: 750W
Power Supply: AC110V/8A/60Hz or AC220V/4A/50Hz
Weight: 35Kg

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