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SuperMagic Skin Tightening Machine (HF-M01)

The SuperMagic skin tightening machine utilizes a unique RF technology. For the flabby and wrinkle skin, the probe will transfer high-frequency radio waves into the skin depth while cooling its surface. Therefore the shaping effects are amazing.
1. Deep dermal heating. This beauty machine can stimulate and tighten the existing collagen and form new one. After some time, a smoother, firmer skin will replace the sagging and wrinkled one.
2. Dynamic cooling. The skin tighetning equipment cools the skin's surface while heating the deep dermal skin. Everytime after RF outputs, it will spry coolant to the surface to relieve pain, protect epidermis, improve the treatment effects, and keep the patient comfortable and safe during the treatment. Therefore, patients can go back to normal life directly without recovery time.

Treatment Range
1. The skin tightening machine can reshape the face profile for people with flabby, wrinkle, aging and rough skin, lift the periocular area and loose, sagging neck.
2. This product can be used to tighten skin, dispel wrinkles, and repair stretch marks.
3. Acne treatment.
4. Systemic anti-aging, such as tightening necks and backs, breast augmentation, shaping waists, buttocks, and legs.
5. This machine is applicable to remove various wrinkles, such as deep wrinkles, folds, forehead lines, periocular wrinkles, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, lip wrinkles, frown wrinkles, etc.

Technical Parameters of the SuperMagic Skin Tightening Machine (HF-M01)
RF Frequency: 6.78MHz
RF Power: 400W
Treatment Probe Area: 3.0cm2, 1.5cm2
Treatment Probes' lifetime:900 shots
Cooling Mode: Water+air +dynamic Cooling
Control mode: 10.4'' Color Touching Screen
Input Power: 750W
Power Supply:AC110V/8A/60Hz or AC220V/4A/50Hz

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