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RF Skin Lifting Equipment (HF-202)

Features of RF Skin Lifting Equipment (HF-202):
1. Optimal operating frequency: being kept at 1MHz for a long time.
2. Best possible comfort, without any pain.
3. Fastest and safest results: adopt the impressive dermis recovery technology to tighten the skin up; employ the patented handpiece technology to eliminate the wrinkles and smooth out the surface.
4. Safe and reliable skin care implement greatly reduces the irritation and damage to the epidermis of skin, with no complications such as pigmentation.

Applications of RF Skin Lifting Equipment (HF-202):
1. Skin aging: improve skin texture, restore elasticity, treat rough skin and large pores and relieve the black eye, eye bag
2. Skin displacement: tighten the skin, solve the problems like sagging skin, fine wrinkles, and enhance the profile
3. Skin texture: make the skin tender, whiten the skin naturally, and enhance its water-retention capacity.
4. Skin photoaging: reduce the damaged skin and enhance its recovery capacity.
5. Lift and fill out breasts

Technical Specification of RF Skin Lifting Equipment (HF-202):
1. Radio frequency: 1M Hz
2. RF energy density:
 Φ10mm: 5-150 J/cm2
 Φ16mm: 5-100 J/cm2
 Φ26mm: 5-60 J/cm2
3. Handpieces' diameter: Φ10mm, Φ16mm, Φ26mm
4. Input power: 350 W
5. Control mode: 8" LCD color touch screen
6. Power supply: AC110V/4A/60Hz AC220V/2A/50Hz
7. Net weight: 35kg

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