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CO2 Laser Skin Treatment System (HF-802) HF-802Joint ArmTool Bit
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CO2 Laser Skin Treatment System (HF-802)

Treatment Theory of CO2 Laser Skin Treatment System
The HF-802 CO2 laser skin treatment system is a high effective treatment system for the lesion tissues due to its small radiation angle and high energy density. After focusing, it can be used in the vaporization, cauterization and cutting of the lesion tissues, thus it is also called laser knife. Without focusing, it causes the concerting effect for the focus tissues. With 10.6nm infrared ray, it penetrates into deep tissues and performs very good heating-up physical therapy of the deep tissues.

Treatment Range of CO2 Laser Skin Treatment System
1. Surgery: Vascular tumors, fibrous tumors of the skin, hemorrhoids, body odor, corn, pigment disease, wart like moles, common warts, Condyloma, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
2. Gynecology: Cervicitis, cervical, cervical polyp rot, such as carcinoma in situ.
3. Ophthalmology: Nasal polyps, rhinitis, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, benign tumor etc.
4. Physical therapy: Inflammatory masses, chronic ulcers, thromboangiitis, periarthritis, contusion of soft tissue, wound infection.

Specifications of the CO2 Laser Skin Treatment System

Item Parameter
Display 7inch color touch screen
Laser mode low-valance mode
Laser type sealed-off CO2 laser
Laser wavelength 10.6um
Input power 600VA
Output power 0~30W(adjustable)
Indicator light 650nm, 5mw
Working mode continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse and super pulse
Power supply AC110V/15A/60Hz ,AC220V/8A/50Hz
Weight 50kg
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