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Skin Beauty Equipment (Oxygen Generator) (HF-501) HF-501 MaskOxygen Gun
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Skin Beauty Equipment (Oxygen Generator) (HF-501)

Features of Skin Beauty Equipment (Oxygen Generator) (HF-501):
1. Strengthen oxygen partial pressure of facial skin tissue, promote fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis, stimulate angiogenesis, thus achieving skin tightening, lifting and elasticity.  
2. Accelerate the metabolism of the cell: on one hand, enhance nutriment absorption; on the other hand, speed up the excretion of toxins and dissipation of skin inflammation.
3. Lighten the damage of oxyradical to the skin, effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays and radiation of computer, television, mobile phone 
4. Activate the adaptive capacity of the facial skin, thereby relieving tensional muscle and nerve and eye fatigue

Applications of Skin Beauty Equipment (Oxygen Generator) (HF-501):
1. It is effective in treating person with the skin problems of speckle, blain etc.
2. This skin rejuvenation equipment is perfect for people whose skin is wrinkled, slack, dry, sensitive, rough etc.
3. The adjuvant treatment of non-uniform color
4. It is a preferred choice for people who have just done plastic surgeries (like photorejuvenation, laser surgery etc.)
5. Provide sufficient oxygen for the skin, strengthening the activity of cells and improving skin texture.
6. Offer nutriment absorption and regain the healthy skin

Technical Specification of Skin Beauty Equipment (Oxygen Generator) (HF-501):
1. Oxygen flow: 0-3 L/Min
2. Oxygen purity: 93%
3. Oxygen pressure: 0.03-0.07 Mpa
4. Pure oxygen spray pressure: 0.02-0.04 Mpa
5. Machine noise: ≤40 dB
6. Power: 300 W
7. Power supply: AC110V/15A/60Hz, AC220V/8A/50Hz

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