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E Light (IPL+RF) Equipment

Features of E Light (IPL+RF) Equipment:
1. Enhance clinical efficacy: the curative effect of skin problems (such as wrinkles and telangiectasia) has been greatly improved.
2. Feel more comfortable during operation, with better curative effect and minimum side-effect.
3. Comprehensive usage: be capable of treating the skin problems of IV-type, V-type patients.
4. Easier operation: only need to adjust photon and RF energy
5. This laser skin rejuvenation equipment, widely used in beauty parlors, is suitable for all types of skin.
6. Precool the epidermis to cause temperature difference between the epidermis and dermis, thus achieving the optimal PF penetration effect
7. Three core technologies of E light equipment: Bi-polar radio frequency + low-intensity pulse light energy + epidermis cooling

Applications of E Light (IPL+RF) Equipment:
1. Wrinkle- removing, face-lifting
2. Treating deep flecks, epidermis flecks
3. Treatment of acne
4. Removing light-colored or dark thick extra hair

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