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No-Needle Mesotherapy (HF-701)

Features of No-Needle Mesotherapy (HF-701):
1. It is specially tailored according to the skin characteristics, more effective.
2. Adopting the latest biotechnology, this skin rejuvenation therapy selects the necessary small molecule components to facilitate the absorption.
3. Using advanced infiltration technology, the effective absorption rate increases more than 1000 times.
4. With its special biology wrapping technology, the no-needle mesotherapy is talented at keeping the skin in a younger state.

Applications of No-Needle Mesotherapy (HF-701):
1. Quick fat-melting
2. Effectively remove wrinkles and specks
3. Supply water and keep skin moist
4. Restore the skin

Technical Specification of No-Needle Mesotherapy (HF-701):
1. Peak-power output: 200V
2. Output frequency: 10-1000Hz
3. Output duty ratio: 0.1-0.9
4. Display: 7" LCD color touch screen
5. Power supply: AC110V/3/ 60Hz, AC220V/1.5A/50Hz
6. Net weight: 15kg

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