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RF CO2 Fractional Laser (For Vaginal Rejuvenation) HF-811A

Treatment Theory of the RF CO2 Fractional Laser
The HF-811A RF CO2 fractional laser provides an innovative noninvasive solution for laser vaginal rejuvenation and tightening. By utilizing 10200nm laser, the CO2 laser machine concentrates the pixel laser energy to heat the tissue inner layers, so as to stimulate the collagen structure to reproduce the vaginal tissue. This is how the CO2 fractional laser re-establish a firm and young-like vaginal tissue that comes with elastic, thick, long, and long lasting collagen fibers.

Characteristics of the RF CO2 Fractional Laser
1. Tinier and more uniform energy dot. The laser beauty machine is able to generate minimum 120μm laser spot which allows treatment to go deep down into the dermis. While reducing the risk of producing pigmentation after treatment, this also produces significant impact on the dermal matrix with minimized epidermal disruption.
2. Faster treatment. Due to large treatment area and high-pulse energy, the fractional CO2 laser is able to complete treatment within only 20 minutes.
3. Short recovery time. Patients can quickly resume their normal activities.
4. Simple and reliable air cooling. The RF CO2 fractional laser utilizes air cooling method, which can avoid many troubles caused by complicated water cooling system. Thus the system failure possibility is reduced.

Benefits of the RF CO2 Fractional Laser
1. While performing vagina tightening, it also restores the natural flexibility of vagina tissue
2. Pain free vaginal remodeling procedure with long-lasting results
3. Increased quantity and quality of orgasms achieved during intimacy
4. No need for anesthetics during treatment
5. Effective in improving vaginal dryness and stress urinary incontinence
6. Very short treatment time: just about 15-20 minutes at clinic

Technical Specifications of the RF CO2 Fractional Laser
Display: 10.4 inch color touch screen
Laser type: RF laser tube (imported from the USA)
Laser mode: super pulse RF laser
Laser spot diameter: D=0.12mm
Maximum pulse width (monopulse): 500ms
Laser wavelength: 10.6μm
Laser output power: 1-30W (adjustable)
Spots space: 0.2mm-2mm
Working mode: continual pulse, single pulse, super pulse, repeated pulse, magical pulse
Spots size: 0.1mm-0.12mm
Scan range: 20mm*20mm
Voltage: AC110V/15A/60Hz, AV220V/8A/50Hz
Net weight: 55kg

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